XG - Left Right

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  • Исполнитель: XG
  • Размер MP3: 7.95 MB
  • Длительность MP3: 03:28
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 25 янв 2023 в 13:14:26
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Текст песни XG - Left Right

I got what you want
I got what you need
Mobbin’ like we don't
Follow anything oh
Left right get it on the floor
I wanna see you
Left right get in my zone ha

Then we hit the slide
Ready for the swing
We don’t want no opps
Want no drama queen
Left right everywhere we go
We pull up from the
Left right postin’ up slow

I’m on one got drip
Whip the ride
I'm switchin’ lanes like this
Spinnin’ out then flip
Cruising down
Like we be on a trip

Boy just follow my flow
Don’t matter where we go
Oh the only direction I know