Sadfriendd, MUPP, Scarlxrd - fake!

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  • Исполнитель: Sadfriendd, MUPP, Scarlxrd
  • Размер MP3: 3.92 MB
  • Длительность MP3: 01:42
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 24 фев 2023 в 00:12:13
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Текст песни Sadfriendd, MUPP, Scarlxrd - fake!

Y'all fake, uh
Bad bitch got a jaw, aye
Lil' shorty wanna eat up on my dick just like a [?]
I'ma pull up with the clip to get shot infront your fiancé
Big ass stick, motherfucker, I'm Beyonce
Just stropping through your city, I ain't checking in
Why you pussy ass motherfucker tryna bring a weapon in?
Glock to his head, make him leave, I'ma level him
Think he got low so I had to bring the devil in, wait
Took a flight to L.A, now I'm chilling with [?]
Had to come to the crib [?] in the dirt
When the predator [?] gimme off the percs
I'ma take a fucking breaks [?], stay on my shirt
I don't want no bitch ass washed up
Sorry, motherfucker, walking 'round, talking shit, don't-
Blood on the bottom of my boots, don’t tip-toe
Why you bargain with devil making tradеs like crypto?
Loyalty before disrеspect
A motherfucker talking shit then I'ma cut your head (Ay, ay)
And I ain't worry 'bout a bag, I always touch a cheque / Новая Музыка 2023 / Sadfriendd, MUPP, Scarlxrd - fake!