JISOO - All Eyes On Me

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  • Исполнитель: JISOO
  • Размер MP3: 6.25 MB
  • Длительность MP3: 02:43
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 31 мар 2023 в 09:07:54
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Текст песни JISOO - All Eyes On Me

One is not enough, look into my eyes
I don't want half, just look at me only
That's a given, it's not so greedy
Riding like a wave, they all go
Make sure when it changes, it changed now
At the end of my love, the blue check heart is verified
I'll show it to you now

Make me feel alive
Don't fill it up with meaningless words
Focus on me now
So that I can know your mysterious heart
All eyes on me
All eyes on me

Hold your breath and watch me, I'm a movie
You prove it only with your eyеs
What the hell is therе to lose?
Trust me and run, see bungee
My eyes are always looking at you
I'll show it to you now
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